British Beauty Company Teams Up With Funeral Home

July 21, 2011  |  Inspiration

UK cosmetic brand Illamasqua has been getting a ton of buzz ever since partnering with a funeral home earlier this month. That’s right folks, makeup fans across the pond can now pre-plan their “last glamorous look” with a specialized makeover that is fully customized to their liking, aptly titled the Final Act Service.

This final makeover is aimed at  those “whom making-up is an intimate part of their identity”, and want to have control over their afterlife look.  The brand encourages people to self-express and embrace their alter ego in every way.  Why should this be any different when you pass away?

Clearly, Illamsqua’s abstract attitude is not for everyone but they claim their “Final Act of Self Expression Makeover” is the ultimate statement of celebration.

What do you think about this collaboration? Would you want a glam squad getting you ready for your “final journey”?

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  1. I am a COSMO, and COSMO Instructor. I am also a restorative Cosmetologist. Back in the day; before my time, I would have been called a Desairologist.
    I agree in THIS makeup concept! I feel confident in saying no Mortician could create this kind of look, but I can! Email me when you’re ready.
    Morticians use NON thermogenic makeup. I feel it’s far too morbid. I use Thermogenic makeup. So far my clients looks have been created to make the family feel as though their loved ones are merely sleeping… peacefully.
    The incorect use of non thermo makeup can be upsetting for many family members when grandpa looks like a cross dresser when he wasn’t! If you get my drift…
    Yours eternally,

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