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October 31, 2011  |  Inspiration

This year was the 4th annual Halloween workshop that my fellow artist Dani Fonseca-Ondrek and I have been hosting in NYC. This year we held the event at the Makeup Forever studio in the west village. Halloween in New York City is off the hook. New Yorkers love to dress up and try to outdo the next person. This year was no exception even with the 6 inches of snow and freezing temperatures!

Even though Halloween was on Monday, the Saturday prior was the big party night. Every year we get more and more clients. This year we were booked solid two weeks in advance. Appointments started at noon and went till 9pm or later. Most of my clients this year were return clients from past years and this year they wanted more than ever. I love Halloween because I get to bust out my prosthetic skills that most people don’t get to see. I think a well done prosthetic can take Halloween face painting to Hollywood movie quality makeup.

My biggest priority for Halloween makeup is to make it good but also make it wearable. My clients pay good money for their makeup and I want it to enhance their night and not be an inconvenience or uncomfortable. My go-to product this year was TEMPTU’s DURA inks and palettes. They have all the colors I need to create any look. The DURA formula gives my clients the ability to have a great night without worrying about their makeup smearing or fading.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into my Halloween weekend!

- Cory Bishop, TEMPTU Lead Global Artist

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  1. Great work Cory. Happy Halloween

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