Fall Beauty Trends to Look Out For Pt. 2

August 24, 2011  |  Inspiration

Can you feel Fall starting to creep it’s way in?  Don’t get left out in the cold this season!  We’ve put together some of the hottest runway beauty trends to keep yoru beauty routine up to date for Fall 2011.  Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em this year’s Fall/Winter beauty trends are all about options.  Here’s Part 2 of Fall Beauty Trends to Look Out For.

Metallic Mama

This Fall the traditional smokey eye gets an update with metallics.  Go bold with a full metallic eye or just a sweep around your tear ducts.  Make your shadow look even more reflective by dampening your brush before applying shadow.  This trick will make any shadow look more rich and concentrated.

Spider Eyes

Dayglo nail polish is great for summer.  Keep that burst of brightness by migrating these shades  from nails to eyes.  The look, inspired by African sunsets, is all about layering bright tangerines and fuchsias for a vibrant flash of color.  You can easily tone this look down for day by using these shades as a layered liner look over a nude eye.


Purple Pucker

Jewel tones are always a safe bet for Fall and Winter beauty.  The 2011 update is taking that deep purple shadow or nail polish and planting it right on your pucker.  This update on the more traditional vamp look is perfect for ladies who aren’t afraid of color.


Going Gray

Forget tip dips and ombre hair.  Fall 2011 is all about gray hair and extreme height.  This Hitchcock inspired hairdo may be a little extreme for everyday, but the models at Jean Paul Gaultier definitely made it look fabulous.

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