Four New Ways to Rock a Red Lip

December 22, 2011  |  Inspiration

Red lips are a beauty staple, but can get a little boring if you don’t experiment with your look. We’ve put together a little lipspiration to help freshen up your red-lipped look this holiday season.

Color-Blocked Lips

Color blocking is not limited to your clothes. Created using two similar lip shades with the same undertone, this look is a sure conversation starter. Make sure you keep to this color blocking equation; darker shade on bottom + brighter shade on top + set with transparent powder = a high-impact, look at me lip look.

Mega Watt Sparkle

Is there ever such a thing as too much glitter during the holidays? Get this sexy shimmery pout by lining your lips with a deep red, then filling them with a cherry lipstick. To add sparkle dab loose red glitter onto the center of the lip and dab outwards. Finish with a heavy coat of jelly gloss on top to seal the glitter and amp up your shine factor.

Wined and Lined

The easiest way to update your lip look is to switch from a lipstick to a stain. Stains look super sexy and easy to pull off. Apply a wine-colored lip stain onto the center of your lips and blend out with your fingertips. Skip gloss for a more natural bitten look.

Dip-Dyed Lips

The hottest trend for red lip lovers is this cool gradient effect. Line and fill your lips with a deep red pencil, followed by a deep burgundy lipstick. Next apply a rich red lipstick onto the center of your lips. Blend the two colors by applying a coat of lip gloss.

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