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October 10, 2013  |  Inspiration

TEMPTU PRO makeup artist Holly Dalton. Photography by John Greene.

Once in a while we stumble upon an image whose beauty just speaks to us. TEMPTU PRO‘s October 2013 homepage features an image from “Up In Smoke” editorial by makeup artist Holly Dalton, photographed by John Greene.

Originally published in 2012 in Giuseppina Magazine Volume 3, Halloween Edition, the images were inspired by the sugar skulls from Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). Tying in the mood evoked from the death tarot card, Dalton added a colder, minimalistic makeup style. The model’s custom velvet flower headdress is faded of its colors and life with dull flowers. Long black lace completes the over all look.

In these images, death emerges from smoke and tries to lure you back with her. Greene photographed model Alexandria Serafini in the woods, at an abandoned train, and in front of a swampy creek with the coolest bare white trees. He used colored smoke in between takes to set the mood.

Holly Dalton uses TEMPTU PRO in her editorial Up In Smoke

Dalton uses TEMPTU PRO S/B PrimerS/B Hi-Def in Black, White, Yellow, and Green, and S/B Multicolors in Navy and Lavender to create the detailed artistry.

To get the look, start by drawing out your design in white eyeliner around the eyes, nose, mouth, and the flowers. Use white first as your base color, and contour with blues and purples. Use pale shades of green and yellow to fill your design. Fill the entire eye socket and outline your design with the black. Finish by adding your favorite flower headband.

Pro Tip:

Take the makeup one step further and contour your neck and collar bone lightly with the same blues and purples as you did earlier on the face.

It’s a gorgeously haunting editorial, don’t you agree?

Recreate these looks with the Special F/X Collection and play around, add your own touches. There’s no limit to your imagination with TEMPTU PRO!

Up In Smoke by Holly Dalton featuring TEMPTU PRO

TEMPTU PRO features Holly Dalton. Photography by John Greene

Halloween Inspiration using TEMPTU PRO. Makeup by Holly Dalton



Makeup: Holly Dalton.
Wardrobe: Holly Dalton 
Photography: John Greene
Model: Alexandria Serafini 




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