Human Hair Necklaces: Gorgeous or Ghastly?

July 27, 2011  |  Inspiration

With feather hair extensions and snakeskin manicures on the rise, are we really that surprised that Human Hair Necklaces are next on the trend list?

From afar the necklaces make a statement for their intricate trendy design. However, once you take a closer look you’ll notice that this bold piece has been crafted out of none other than human hair. Hair necklace extraordinaire/creator, Kerry Howley, takes pride in her latest innovation for its deeper artistic meaning. Through the familiar form of a necklace, Kerry wants her viewers/wearers to be able to balance their feelings of aversion & attraction of dead hair. Talk about statement jewelry !

Whether you wear it to spice up an everyday outfit or frame it in your living room, you’ll be sure for lots of talk to follow. So what do you really think of this Human Hair Necklace trend, is it gorgeous or utterly ghastly?


  1. this makes me itchy lol

  2. Oh no no no no NO! I like the design but not the fact that its human hair.

  3. This just makes my skin crawl…ew. I can’t even stand it when I get strands of hair in my hairbrush and I have to pick them out…why would anyone want to create this? Yuck! lol

  4. I wish nobody told me that these necklace designs were made out of dead human hair. I might have considered this piece of “jewelry” for a future purchase

  5. This makes me uncomfortable.

  6. It looks good and very well done but this is something I would not wear due to being human hair, the thought Of someone’s hair around my neck makes the hairs stand up on my neck.

  7. On a fine-art level, I love the incredibly fine detail and line quality that the hair offers. But, I’m a bit icked-out by the “hair” factor, too. So the artist has done her job perfectly. I’ve seen worse things done with hair (Donald Trump’s in particular!) :-D and also saw this art installation once where this guy had collected a bunch of hair gobs and displayed them neatly on 4″ white squares. It made me want to run retching out of the room. Why do we love hair so much when it’s arranged neatly, but then found ourselves grossed out by the individual strands? Probably something primal about it.

  8. My mother-in-law, back in the 40′s, had a braided picture locket of her own hair (first hair cut when a little girl), with her Daddy’s picture in it. It was beautiful. We still have it today. I think these are gorgeous – but persoally it would have to be a families hair for me.

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