Look Younger Today with Bronzer

March 3, 2011  |  Inspiration

Are you looking to take a few years off your look? Then look no further then a good bronzer! No matter how old, or young, you are every woman can reap the benefits of a good bronzer. It gives your skin an all over healthy, dewy look that makes your face come alive.

The trick is to create a subtle healthy glow, not a deep savage tan. When you apply the bronzer don’t sweep it all over the face, instead apply it on areas where you will look naturally contoured. For a fresh, youthful look, apply the bronzer on the temples, along the sides of the face, and right under the cheekbones in a C-shape. This creates a tanned look that will appear light and modern, and will keep you looking younger.  Just keep away from applying too much bronzer in the center of the face, it can make you look older.

Wondering what type of bronzer is best for you skin type?

The answer is AIRbrush!
What’s great about our AIR pod Bronzer is that you don’t have to give skin type a second thought. Normally you would have to choose between powders for oily skin, cream for dry skin, and so on. Our AIR pod Bronzer is ideal for ALL skin types. You get the light airbrush that’s ideal for normal and oily skin, and the added moisturizers that a dryer skin type needs. It’s your all-in-one perfect go-to glow! What are you waiting for? Get your glow on!

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