Trend Alert: US Soldiers Say Goodbye to Stray Brows

November 3, 2011  |  Inspiration

Eyebrow threading and grooming is a trend that’s picking up popularity in the most unlikely of places, the armed forces.  That’s right beauty fans, according to The Wall Street Journal, a healthy number of our soldiers, marines and other military personnel abroad are asking their barbers to shape their brows as well as their crew cuts.

While our service men aren’t going for ultra fine aka ‘girly’ brows, they are shaping up their unibrows and stray hairs for a cleaner, more defined brow.  It’s a habit that these well groomed soldiers are continuing at home as well as abroad.  Sgt. Matthew Cordwell told the paper that he got his brows threaded in Iraq and continued threading even when he returned to his home base in Hawaii.

What do you think about this new addition to military fashion?  Are you ready to sign up your man for a crew cut and a brow wax?

[images from bellasugar and abc news]

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  1. Trend Alert: US Soldiers Say Goodbye to Stray Brows | Eyebrow Shaping

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